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ROBERT M. ABBOTT is a leading business strategist, environmental consultant, writer, and speaker. He has written for a variety of magazines and newspapers and is author of Uncommon Cents: Thoreau and the Nature of Business and Conscious Endeavors: Business, Society, and the Journey to Sustainability, both published by Green Frigate Books.

MICHAEL ABLEMAN is a farmer and founder of the Center for Urban Agriculture. He is also the author and photographer of From the Good Earth and Fields of Plenty as well as being the subject of a PBS film Beyond Organic, narrated by Meryl Streep.

RASHEED B. AL-KHAYOUN has published a number of books on subjects concerning religion in Iraq and Islamic philosophy and history, including Religions and Sects in Iraq, and Mutazilat Basra and Baghdad.

JOHN H. BAILLIE has published many short pieces of fiction and poetry and is the author of the humorous collection of otherworldly detective cases, Midnight’s Delight, which has been described as Dr. Who meets Monty Python.

ROBERT BARRS, STEVEN CLARK, KELSEY CRAMER, DON CROCKETT, BUD FRASER, JOAQUIN KARAKAS (sustainability planners and designers with the firm HB Lanarc Consultants) and PATRICK CONDON (Univ. British Columbia), JILL DE LA SALLE (community activist), PATRICIA FLEMING (Delta Earthwise Scoiety), PETER LADNER (Simon Fraser Univ.), EDWARD PORTER (EKISTICS Urban Design), KENT MULLINIX (Kwantlen Polytechnic Univ.) and BRAD RANSFORD (Counterpoint Communications) are all expert practitioners and/or scholars in the field of urban agriculture.

MICHAEL P. BRANCH is professor of literature and environment at the University of Nevada and is editor of John Muir’s Last Journey and Reading the Roots: American Nature Writing Before Walden.

JILL BROWN has a MA from Harvard University where she conducted research on ecological art.

MINA M. CHAT is a well-traveled, seventeen-year old grimalkin who presently resides with her domestic staff near the village of Minasville on the edge of Minas Basin in Nova Scotia. When not engaged in scholarly pursuits, her pastimes include watching wildlife, sorting papers, and contemplating the cat condition, interspersed with head butts, finger licks, and chasing imaginary bed mice. This is her first published book.

TIM COLLINS is professor of art, society, and the environment at the University of Wolverhampton. Dr. Collins has published numerous articles about environmental art and has participated in many applied projects concerning the restorative redevelopment of post-industrial landscapes.

SARAH A. AND LANE K. CONN are practicing psychologists who have published papers, lectured, and taught courses about the emerging field of ecopsychology, and have been leading social activists for decades.

MARK DANNENHAUER is a teacher and master puppeteer active in the staging of many high visibility environmental events.

JANINE DE LA SALLE has an MA in international development and many years of experience working in the non-profit and private sectors. She is a leading national expert on the theory and practice of sustainable food systems and works on this for HB Lanarc Consultants.

HERBERT DREISEITL is an internationally renowned landscape architect whose many design projects incorporate and focus on water. Mr. Dreiseitl is co-author of Waterscapes: Planning, Building and Designing with Water.

MATTHEW FOX is one of the world’s leading Christian theologians and environmental writers, and is the author of many books, including One River, Many Wells: Wisdom Springing from Global Faiths, The Coming of the Cosmic Christ, Passion for Creation: The Earth-honoring Spirituality of Meister Eckhart, Wrestling With the Prophets: Essays on Creation, Spirituality, and Everyday Life, Confessions: The Making of a Post-Denominational Priest, and Prayer: A Radical Response to Life.

ROBERT LAWRENCE FRANCE is one of the world’s leading environmental scholars and has taught at the universities of Harvard, Ca’Foscari, and McGill. He is the author of numerous journal articles and is author or editor of many books, including Handbook of Water Sensitive Planning and Design, Handbook of Regenerative Landscape Design, Wetland Design: Principles and Practices for Landscape Architects and Land-use Planners, Facilitating Watershed Management: Fostering Awareness and Stewardship, and Introduction to Watershed Development: Understanding and Managing the Impacts of Sprawl, in addition to several Green Frigate Books.

MARK HOLLAND is a LEED-accredited planner with degrees in both landscape architecture and community & regional planning. He was formerly the first manager of Vancouver’s sustainability office and now participates in planning projects around the world through his role as a principle with HB Lanarc Consultants, one of Canada’s leading sustainable development planning and community design firms. He is also the author of the forthcoming The Eight Pillars of Sustainable Communities, to be published by Green Frigate books.

J. PARKER HUBER is a resident of Brattleboro, Vermont and has been following Thoreau and Muir throughout New England since 1974. He is the author of The Wildest Country: A Guide to Thoreau’s Maine and editor of Elevating Ourselves: Thoreau on Mountains, as well as the annual magazine, Writing Nature.

WILLIAM R. JORDAN III is one of the world’s leading scholars of environmental theory and practice in relation to ecological restoration. He is founding editor of the journal Ecological Restoration, has published numerous technical and philosophical journal articles, and is author and co-editor of The Sunflower Forest: Ecological Restoration and the New Communion With Nature and Restoration Ecology: A Synthetic Approach to Ecological Research.

DAVID KIDNER is professor of psychology at Nottingham Trent University and is an internationally renowned scholar on nature – culture relationships, particularly in relation to industrialization. Dr. Kidner is on the editorial board of the journal Environmental Ethics, and is author of Nature and Psyche: Radical Environmentalism and the Politics of Subjectivity.

MICHAEL KOROVKIN is a social and medical anthropologist and professor of sociology and communication studies at the European School of Economics, Rome. He has taught at many universities and is the author of Patterns of Re-Engagement: Protestant Conversions in Southern Italy, Translation, Understanding and The Principle of Uncertainty, three books of poetry, and five novels, one of which, A Voice from the Orphanage, was a bestseller in Italy.

ANDREW LIGHT is one of the world’s leading environmental ethicists and is professor of philosophy and environmental practice and director of the Center for Global Ethics at George Mason University as well as being a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress. Dr. Light is on the editorial board of several prominent journals, is co-editor of the journal Ethics, Place and the Environment, and is author, co-author, or co-editor of many books, including Environmental Values, The Aesthetics of Everyday Life, Moral and Political Reasoning in Environmental Practice, and Environmental Pragmatism.

GARY MARGOLIS is Executive Director of College Mental Health Services Emeritus and professor of English and American Literatures (part-time) at Middlebury College and has taught at the universities of Tennessee and Vermont. His third book, Fire in the Orchard, was nominated for the 2002 Pulitzer Prize in Poetry. His poem, “The Interview”, was featured on National Public Radio’s “The Story”.  Margolis’ clinical articles have appeared in several journals and magazines and he has been interviewed about his work with college students by Time Magazine and both ABC and CBS News.

STEPHANIE MILLS is a noted writer about bioregionalism and environmental issues and is author of Tough Little Beauties, Epicurean Simplicity, In Service of the Wild: Restoring and Reinhabiting Damaged Land, and Turning Away From Technology.

LOUISE MOZINGO is professor of landscape architecture at the University of California and is a leading scholar on ecological design and aesthetics, subjects upon which she has published extensively.

RODERICK FRAZIER NASH is one of the most eminent cultural historians exploring human-nature relationships, and is author of The Rights of Nature: A History of Environmental Ethics and the seminal classic Wilderness and the American Mind.

BARONESS EMMA NICHOLSON of Winterbourne is a member of the European Parliament for the South East region of England, the chairman of the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, president of the Caine Prize for African Writing, trustee of the Booker Prize for English fiction, and the World Health Organization envoy for Health, Peace and Development. Baroness Nicholson is the co-editor of The Iraqi Marshlands: A Human and Environmental Study.

EDWARD L. OCHENSCHLAGER is professor emeritus at Brooklyn College where he was the chairman of both the Classics and the Anthropology and Archaeology departments. Throughout his distinguished career Dr. Ochenschlager was the director of several important archaeological excavations and had directorial roles in more than half a dozen prestigious institutions around the world. He is author of numerous journal articles and of Iraq’s Marsh Arabs in the Garden of Eden.

ROBERT RYAN is professor of landscape architecture at the University of Massachusetts and conducts research and has written about environmental restoration and ecological design. He is co-author of With People in Mind: Design and Management of Everyday Nature.

LAURA SEWALL is trained in the psychology and neurophysiology of vision and is an environmental lawyer. Dr. Sewall was a professor at Prescott College and is the author of Sight and Sensibility: The Ecopsychology of Perception.

CORINNE HOSFELD SMITH is a lifelong Thoreauvian, a prominently published book reviewer, and a librarian at Anna Maria College in Paxton, Massachusetts. She lives an hour west of Walden Pond. Westward I Go Free is her first published book.

SANDRA E. SMITH has worked as a professional planner of communities, floodplains and islands, as well as a policy advisor, academic and consultant. She is the co-author of Domicide: The Global Destruction of Home.

ELIZABETH V. SPELMAN is professor of philosophy at Smith College and an internationally renowned scholar of issues concerning gender, feminism, human emotions, and politics. Dr. Spelman is the author of Repair: The Impulse to Restore in a Fragile World, Fruits of Sorrow: Framing Our Attention to Suffering, and Inessential Woman: Problems of Exclusion in Feminist Thought.

CAROL STEINFELD is a writer, researcher, and resource-recycling specialist who writes about ecological resource management solutions. She is the co-author of The Composting Toilet System Book and Reusing the Resource: Adventures in Ecological Wastewater Recycling.

PETER STEPHENSON works primarily as an applied medical anthropologist and is professor of anthropology, and in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria (Canada), where he is also a Michael Smith Foundation research associate of the Centre on Aging. Dr. Stephenson is the author of The Hutterian People: Ritual and Rebirth in the Evolution of Communal Life and A Persistent Spirit: Towards Understanding Aboriginal Health in British Columbia, and is coauthor of Contesting Aging and Loss.

ALEX TURNER is a writer who has contributed journal articles in the fields of environmental restoration and anthropology.

LAURA DASSOW WALLS is a professor of English at Notre Dame University and is author or editor of six books, including Seeing New Worlds: Henry David Thoreau and Nineteenth Century Natural Science.

NIK WHEELER is an internationally renowned, award-winning photojournalist and travel photographer whose work has appeared in many magazines, including Time, Newsweek, and National Geographic, and in numerous books, including Return to the Marshes, Land of Two Rivers, and Island Dreams – Caribbean.

ANN HAYMOND ZWINGER is a highly respected naturalist and author of many books, including A Conscious Stillness: Two Naturalists on Thoreau’s Rivers with E. Teal, Shaped by Wind and Water: Reflections of a Naturalist, and the widely regarded classic Run, River, Run: A Naturalist’s Journey Down One of the Great Rivers of the American West.