Green Frigate Books


Green Frigate Books is now a Special Series of Libri Publishing. Our mission remains the same in terms of publishing influential works with cross-over appeal to different audiences and on topics that are currently underrepresented in more traditional publication outlets. Being part of Libri Publishing, we have the added goal of producing works by and for identified communities of practitioners. Our authors are well established academics, successful practitioners, independent scholars, and concerned citizens who share a belief that it is possible to create a more kind, just, and humane relationship between humans and the natural and built environments. Libri books are internationally distributed by River North Editions of Independent Publishers Group, long-time, stable leaders in the field. We remain committed to bringing undiscovered voices to an audience and are interested in new authors who have something different to say that is targeted to a specific community of practitioners. Please contact us at Libri if you have a manuscript that you believe might fall within the publication mandate of Green Frigate Books.”